History & Milestone

Founded in 1976, BCL Industries Ltd has grown to become an integrated Industry player with businesses in key Industry verticals – vegetable oil refining (physical and chemical), solvent extraction, oil extraction, Distillery-Ethanol Industry, real estate and rice sheller. The integrated model is well adapted to the infrastructure challenges of the emerging economies.

BCL Industries Ltd’s growth and vision have always been in sync with the idea of Nation Building. We live in the same communities where we operate and take our responsibility towards contributing to the betterment of the society very seriously. Through BCL, we ensure development and progress are sustainable and inclusive; not just for the people living in these areas, but the environment on the whole. At BCL we believe in delivering benefits that transcend our immediate stakeholder.

Globally, the BCL Industries Ltd is:

  • With a solvent plant of 40 MTPD capacity in 1976, BCL has grown manifold through expansion program undertaken from time to time.
  • BCL became a public limited company and the name was changed to Bhatinda Chemicals Limited on 14 May 1985.
  • Floated its maiden public issue of equity share (Face Value ₹ 10.00 per share) to Indian Public at a premium of ₹ 5.00 per share in January 1993.
  • Since the group was dealing successfully in the business of real estate, the name of the company also changed to “BCL Industries Limited” on 08 October 2008.
  • The promoters (Mittal) took over 49% shares in M/s. Pioneer Industries Limited, Pathankot (Punjab) in 2006 to enter into the field of Distillery-Ethanol Industry.
  • Pioneer Industries Limited is engaged in manufacturing grain based Potable alcohol and high-quality vital Wheat Gluten is running excellent with the existing capacity of 125 KLPD. It is the only company in India to make such high-quality vital Wheat Gluten.
  • Encouraged by the success of this unit, BCL installed a 100 KLPD Distillery-Ethanol Industry Unit at Village Sangat Kalan, Dabwali Road, Dist Bathinda during FY 2011-12.
  • Now, the company has enhanced its capacity from 100 KLPD to 200 KLPD on the same location and has already successfully commenced production from March 2017.
  • The full-fledged commercial operations vis a vis revenue of the enhanced capacity will be reflected in the financial year 2017-18.
  • Took up the expansion plan of Distillery – Ethanol Domain for a new state of the art plant of 200 KLPD with 8.0 MW co-generation Power Plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal. The new plant is expected to commission in the FY 2018-19 and should put the Group as the No 1 Grain based ENA – Ethanol manufacturer in the country.
  • 2016-20

    Production commenced at the BCL Distillery - Ethanol Unit, Dabwali Road, Bathinda increasing its capacity from 100 KLPD to 200 KLPD and taking the overall Group capacity to 325 KLPD.

    Achieved ₹ 6,760 Mn worth of turnover in 2016-17.

    Took up a New State-of-the-art Distillery Plant - ENA of capacity 200 KLPD with 10 MW co-generation Power Plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal. The new plant is expected to commission during FY 2019-20 and should put the Group as the largest grain based ENA - Ethanol manufacturer in the country.

    Achieved a turnover of ₹ 8,576 Mn in 2017-18.

    Converted 50% capacity of BCL Distillery at Bhatinda into Ethanol, and started supply to the OMC’s from December’18.

    Achieved turnover of ₹ 9,037 Mn in 2018-19, the highest in four decades of the company’s history.

  • 2011-15

    Achieved INR 6,000 Mn turnover in 2013-14.

    Bottling Plant started at the BCL, Distillery Industry Unit at Dabwali Road, Bathinda. Company floats various IFML Brands both in Whiskey & Vodka categories.

    Expansion plan initiated for its existing Distillery Industry of 100 KLPD to 200 KLPD at Dabwali Road, Bathinda.

  • 2006-10

    In 2006, Promoters of BCL Ventured into Distillery-Ethanol Industry production by acquiring a substantial share in Pioneer Industries Limited, Pathankot.

    Distillery-Ethanol Industry Unit of 125 KLPD and a Power Project of 3.00 MW was established at Pioneer Industries Limited, Pathankot.

    In 2010, installed the new Green Field, Grain-Based Distillery-Ethanol Industry Unit of 100-kilo liter/day unit, along with 5.0 MW co-generation Power Plant at Dabwali Road, Bathinda. This took the group capacity to 225 KLPD.

    Achieved INR 4,000 Mn turnover in 2007-08.

  • 2001-05

    In 2005, the company ventured into Real Estate and launched Ganpati Enclave an integrated Township.

    Achieved INR 2,500 Mn turnover in 2002-03.

    Achieved INR 3,000 Mn turnover in 2003-04.

  • 1996-00

    In 1997, the overall capacity in all Product categories was enhanced to almost double.

    In 1996-97, BCL achieved its turnover of more than INR 1,000 Mn.

  • 1991-95

    In 1993, went for a Public Issue for 29 Lacs shares of ₹ 10/- each at a premium of ₹ 5/-. The issue was subscribed by 4 times.

    Expansion plan initiated for doubling the capacity of its Edible Oil, Rice & Processing Unit at Bathinda.

  • 1986-90

    In 1988, Oil Crushing Unit was installed and commissioned.

    In 1990, manufactured Vanaspati by installing 100 MT Vanaspati Plant.

  • 1981-85

    In 1982, vegetable oil refinery project was started.

    1981-85 Edible oil, such as mustard oil, soyabean oil and cotton seed oil was refined and packed in 15 kg & 1 ltr pouch.

    The brand name “MURLI” was established.

    In 1984 Rice Mill was installed.

  • The capacity of solvent extraction plant was increased to 200 MT PPD from initial installed capacity of 40 MT PPD.

  • 1976-80

    In 1976, started with a Solvent Extracted Plant and extracting Oil from Rice Bran.

    Production of Oil commenced in 1977.

    In 1980, Rice Bran Hard Oil production was started.