Product Features

Fixed Deposit


  • Deposits will be accepted only from Resident Members/public in multiples of Rs. 5000/-, subject to minimum of Rs. 50,000/-
  • Self attested copies of Income Tax PAN are mandatorily required for all applicants.
  • Interest will be calculated on a 365/366 days factor basis from the date of realisation of the cheque/draft and thereafter on calendar quarter basis and Interest compounded as per calendar quarter, will be payable on maturity date or on the previous business day in case maturity date happens to be holiday.
  • If the depositor is not liable too pay income tax and the interest to be received / credited in a financial year does not exceed the applicable threshold limit which is chargeable to income tax, the depositor is required to submit a declaration in Form 15 G or 15 H so that TDS is not deducted.
  • To prevent fraudulent encashment of cheques and to facilitate credit through ECS/ Direct Credit/ RTGS/ NEFT, applicants are mandatorily required to give details of the bank account (including the MICR & IFSC code) of the sole / first-named depositor, into which the interest and principal will be credited, by submitting cancelled cheque. Applications without bank account and PAN details will be deemed incomplete and are liable to be rejected.
  • The rate of interest is subject to revision at the discretion of the Company and/or as may be notified under the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014, as amended from time to time and shall be applicable to deposit accepted/renewed after date of such revision