Sushant City 2 shall have all facility : Sh. Rajendra Mittal

Sh. Rajendra Mittal starts the 7th project in the city.

Industrialist Sh. Rajendra Mittal has started 7th project in Bathinda city. This project shall provide villas with all facilities at one centre. On mansa road, in 125 acres land, Sushant City 2 shall have all facility. Present in the inauguration function Sh. Rajendra Mittal told that Sushant City 2 can accommodate 1700 families. In this 12 sq yard shall be used for shopping mall, 10 Acres for multi story, 4 acres for school, and from 150 to 125 sq ft for villas. He told there shall be hospital, temple, mini market etc are available. For connectivity city buses are available.